U.S. Army vet Christopher Wilson was attending a podiatry appointment at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City when was confronted by a mess.

The garbage can was completely overflowing with trash, supposedly sterile medical equipment was just laying out on the counters, and there was a visible substance (looks like plaster) splashed across the sink, cabinets, and floor.

Wilson was swift enough to take photos documenting the room where he was supposed to receive injections. To his surprise, they went ahead with the procedure and did not even address the mess in the room!

After serving two tours in Iraq, Wilson frequents the facility, but he said that this day was particularly bad. The level of care is always lacking and he feels rushed through his appointments as if he is just another number.

Because of his negative experiences, he says that he would never choose to go there for treatment, but he feels that he has nowhere else to turn.



The VABA hears stories like this far too often. We feel strongly that institutions like VA Hospitals, which continue to have issues providing the level of care that everyday Americans would expect anywhere else, need to be better funded, better ran and better equipped to handle the multitude of issues vets face.

The center Chief of Staff, Dr. Karen Gribbin agreed with Wilson that the conditions were unacceptable. They have since issued an apology about the state of the room and the way he was treated. Sadly, Wilson story is just one example. Stories like these are happening every day to Veterans across the country.

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